The 2013 Halifax County Exhibition

2013-08-14 Halifax County Exhibition 2013 09

Sam and Clover in the 4-H Dry Yearling Class

This summer was our first time entering livestock in the ever-growing Halifax County Exhibition. Sam was scheduled to show on the first day of competitions, Wednesday, August 14, in the 4-H show. This exhibition is the qualifying show for all the 4-H clubs in the county of Halifax-East Hants, meaning that every project that placed well here got to go on and compete at the Nova Scotia Provincial 4-H show at the end of September. Knowing this, Sam tried her hardest to win a first or second place in all of her classes with the Summer Young goats.

At 9:30am Sam was ringside waiting to compete in the 4-H Dry Yearling Conformation class with Summer Young’s only entry, Tip Top Cocoa Cream (Clover). There was just one other entry in the class, which also happened to be a Toggenburg. Sam and Clover did very well in their first class together, placing 2nd. This meant that the pair qualified to compete at the Provincial 4-H show in September. It was definitely an excellent start to the day!

2013-08-14 Halifax County Exhibition 2013 55

Sam and Spirit in 2nd Place in the 4-H Senior Goat Showmanship Class

Immediately after that class ended, Sam was in the ring again with her old faithful partner, Rocky Mount Loot Spirit (Spirit). This class of 4-H Milking Doe Conformation happened to be the most popular of the day, with five entries, shown by kids of all ages. Spirit placed 5th in this class, so she was not able to go on to compete in the champion conformation that day, or qualify for the “Pro Show”. Clover did, however, get a chance to compete in the champion conformation, and placed 5th out of six entries.

At 10:30 was the 4-H Senior Showmanship class, where the people showing the goats were being judged, and not the actual goat itself. The Senior class was made up of four girls over the age of 14 all from the Shu-Mil 4-H club. Sam chose to use Spirit in this class because she is a lot quieter than Clover. The pair placed 2nd in their first ever 4-H showmanship class. First and second place got to come back into the ring and compete against the two top Junior Showmen in the county. Sam and Spirit earned a Reserve Champion in this class, and Sam won a ticket to come back later in the afternoon to try her hand at showing in the Grand Champion Showmanship class. As a first year member, Sam was very happy to be able to even just qualify for that class.

Saddle and Ex Ribbons 017

The ribbons Summer Young Toggenburgs earned during their first year in the Halifax County Exhibition 4-H show.

In the Grand Champion Showman class, Sam was showing one of the top two animals in each livestock project, except goat. She attempted to show a beef calf, light horse, dairy calf, waterfowl (duck), poultry (chicken), rabbit and sheep. Sam felt very confident when showing the light horse, since she has been doing that for the last six years. Other than that, she was on her own in figuring out what to do while showing the other animals. She didn’t place in that class, but she had a lot of fun.

Sam also learned her placing in goat judging at this exhibition. She placed 4th in the county out of five participants. Overall, Sam was very proud to be exhibiting for Summer Young Toggenburgs, and she can not wait until her next chance to represent their goats at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition next week.

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