Cupcake’s Bouncing Baby Boy!

Bucky 027

Summer Young Winter Soldier

Our first 2015 kid has hit the ground! Pictured on the left is Summer Young Winter Soldier, a stunning little single buckling out of Highlandcroft Ned Cupcake, sired by Ran-Cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter. At birth this big guy weighed in at 8 pounds and 3 ounces. His nickname is “Bucky”.

Cupcake gave birth to this beautiful buck with no assistance or supervision, as everyone on the farm had left because she showed hardly any signs that a baby would be born within the next few hours. Our first sight once in the barn was a standing and dried off kid, while Cupcake started to much away on her placenta (which proved to be a little disgusting for some). Thankfully it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, where it was not too bitter.

Despite Cupcake’s crazy, piggy habits, such as always being the first to the gate for the food you were carrying, or trampling other goats in the way of her grain bucket, she turned out to be a complete natural mother. She is very on the ball about having Bucky spotless and dry, and is very concerned about his location 24/7. Who knew that the most reckless goat on the farm would turn out to be the best goat mother we’ve seen so far?!

Cupcake's Kid 062

Cupcake allowing Bucky to nurse

The original plan was to sell Bucky, but it is very easy to get attached to newborn baby goats, especially the first one under your herdname. So, Bucky will be staying at Summer Young for a little while at least. as his conformation is something to be proud of and he is so very cuddly (literally…he will jump onto anyone’s lap and fall asleep).

Bucky the Winter Soldier will be registered as a full blood Canadian Toggenburg with the Canadian Goat Society. There will be more pictures and updates on Bucky as he progresses!

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