Our First Preg Checks

Goat Ultrasounds 042 cropped

Cupcake’s ultrasound

Part of the wait is finally over! Late yesterday afternoon our local veterinarian visited with an ultrasound machine, and we had every doe checked for kids. We have never had preg checks done on our farm before, so this was an excellent learning experience.

The checks were conducted by inserting a lube-slathered probe into the goat’s rectum, while the vet viewed the picture through a set of goggles. The same picture was wirelessly transmitted to the ultrasound screen, setup so that we could also view the inside of the goat being checked.

First up was Highlandcroft Ned Cupcake, who is definitely confirmed with a kid by Ran-cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter. Cupcake’s ultrasound was the best one, as you could see the ribs of the fetus. They are located in the black shape on the right side of the screen, and are the bright white lines across that dark patch. She is due on February 18th.

Second to be confirmed was Rocky Mount Ranger Spirit. This doe is quite large around the mid-section, and was suspected to be pregnant anyway to Shalebrook Rascal McTaz. It was not confirmed how many kids she will have, but we are all hoping she’s carrying twins. Spirit is due on February 27th.

Tip Top Cocoa Cream was the last confirmed pregnancy for 2015. This doe is very long-bodied and extremely clean, so her first freshening is highly anticipated. The sire of the kid(s) is Ran-cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter. We hope Clover will gift us with at least one doeling on April 15th.

As planned, Tip Top Samson Sigma is the only doe in the herd that is not carrying any kids for the 2015 season. That’s perfectly fine though, as she will definitely be included in the show string as a dry yearling.

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