The 130th Annual Halifax County Exhibition

Sam and MG stepping forward to get the Champion Chevon title

On August 13, 2014, we competed for our second time at the Halifax County Exhibition down in Middle Musquodoboit. Sam showcased three does for Triple RT Farms, of Nine Mile River in the county 4-H Show.

In the Doeling class, Sam showed a small Nubian doeling born in March named Penny. They got 8th in that class, but the turnout was the best we’ve seen there yet. Up next was the Dry Yearling class, where the other Nubian doe, Nothing Fancy Alicia’s Ave, or “Fancy” for short, placed 3rd. The judge commented on what a show-y doe she was. Although neither of the dairy does qualified for the champion class, there was still an entry for the Chevon division. Sam’s entry for the Chevon class was a chubby little Boer/Nubian X doe born in March, named Morning Glorey. “MG” managed to win 1st place and Champion Chevon in the county, so she qualifies for the Nova Scotia Provincial 4-H Show! After the conformation was over, the Senior Goat Showmanship class began. Out of seven competitors, Sam placed 3rd while showing Penny.

2014 Musqie Ex5

Sam competing in the tractor driving competition before the goat show the next day.

Back in the 4-H barn, the life skills and judging competition results were posted. Sam was declared to be the Reserve Champion Goat Judge in all of Halifax-East Hants county for this year, with a final score of 90/100. She also placed 4th in the Tractor Judging and 3rd out of 8 in Photography.

In the Veterinary Science division, Sam earned two first place ribbons and a second, as well as qualifying for Pro Show with her Reserve Champion Equine Circulatory System Board. She also placed within top 3 for the Tractor Driving competition, as well as getting both 3rd and 4th place ribbons with her Photography division items.

2014 Musqie Ex2

Sam exhibiting Penny



Overall, it was a very successful week for both Sam and Triple RT Farms. We can’t wait to see all of these goats return to the show ring next week at the GANS Summer Classic in Truro, and to see MG compete at the Provincial level!

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