The 2014 GANS Summer Classic Open Doe Show

Open Goat Show 128

Oreo and Sigma in the Dam and Daughter class

With all of the same Triple RT Farms goats from the week before, plus one, and a few Toggenburgs, we set out to our 3rd GANS Summer Classic in Bible Hill, NS. After six days straight of running back and forth to Musquodoboit for the Halifax County Exhibition, a single day show was something to look forward to.

MG, Fancy and Penny were already waiting for us at the show grounds on August 20th when we arrived that morning, as well another Triple RT Farms doeling, Cocoa. Also to be shown that day were three Toggenburg does from Tip Top Toggenburgs owned by Heidi Mostert in Shubenacadie, NS. These does included Highlandcroft Ned Oreo (Oreo), a 4 year old black Togg milker; Tip Top Samson Sigma (Sigma), a 5 month old Togg doeling; and Rancho Manzano Moca Snickers (Snickers), a dry yearling Togg.

Open Goat Show 136

Penny in the Junior Unrecorded Doeling class

First up were the Toggenburg classes, with Sigma finishing 3rd in her Senior Toggenburg Doeling class and Oreo winning 4th in the 4+ Year Toggenburg Milking Doe class. Sam showed both of these goats, while her younger brother, Charlie, exhibited Snickers. They got 5th in the Toggenburg Dry Yearling class.

After the CGS sanctioned dairy goat show, an unrecorded grade doe show was held. In the Junior Doeling class, Penny won 3rd, while Cocoa was awarded 5th in the Senior Doeling division. Fancy (the gorgeous multi-coloured Nubian that Sam adores to this day) placed 3rd with the Dry Yearlings. During the Chevon classes, MG won a 4th place ribbon in Replacement Doeling.

Open Goat Show 021

The Summer Young display

Overall, it was a very fun day that brought home seven brightly coloured rosettes. Congratulations to all of the competitors, as well as a huge thank you to our judge, Arnie Steeves, and the Goat Association of Nova Scotia for organizing.

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