Meet Peter, Our New Buck


Ran-Cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter

Because two bucks aren’t enough, we bought another! Ran-Cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter is a very funky looking goat, but he’s a 100% purebred registered Toggenburg with lines to brag about, so he now lives with us.

Peter was conceived on Randy and Cheryl Hiltz’s farm in Aylesford, NS, but was born on Sweetwood Farm in Blockhouse, NS. After he was born, Peter was sold to Heidi Mostert in Shubenacadie, NS, which is where we got him from.

Peter is great-grandsired by the infamous Rowe’s Maestro Ranger not just once, but twice on his mother’s side. On this farm, we also really like the Saltrock Toggenburgs from Lahave, NS, who also happened to be included in this buck’s lineage.

We look forward to seeing what he gives us in the spring, as we plan to have him bred to a couple of our finest.

Thank you again to Heidi Mostert for allowing us to buy this nice buck.

More about Peter and pictures of his ancestors on his page.

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