Cupcakes For Everyone!


Cupcake on her way home in the family station wagon.

On September 18, 2014, we welcomed a new doe to the Summer Young herd. Instead of another buck, we purchased Highlandcroft Ned Cupcake. All of us know her as Cupcake, and she’s a purebred registered 4 year old Toggenburg doe that has freshened three times. Her first offspring was actually Tip Top Cocoa Cream, or “Clover”, another one of our junior does that we got in 2013.

Cupcake was conceived on Arnie Steeves’ farm in Hillsborough, NB, but she was born and raised at Heidi Mostert’s in Shubenacadie, NS. This is where we bought her from.

For the next week and a bit Cupcake will be exposed to Ran-Cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter, the buck we purchased two weeks ago. Because of her track record, we are expecting a single doe from her.

More about Cupcake and pictures of her on her page.

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