Our First 4-H “Pro Show”

4H Pro Show 2014 073

MG and Sam in the Chevon class

The Nova Scotia Provincial 4-H Show is the biggest organized 4-h show across Canada, and this year, we got to be a part of it. It was held in Bible Hill, NS, at the Provincial Exhibition grounds. This is also where the GANS Summer Classic is held every August. This show ran from Friday, September 26 to Sunday, September 28, 2014. To compete at Pro Show, you need to have won Champion, Reserve Champion, first and/or second place in your class at the county level exhibition on 4-H Day.

Last year, Sam qualified to show Tip Top Cocoa Cream in the Dry Yearling division at Pro Show, but wasn’t able to attend. This year, she qualified with MG in the Chevon class because she won Champion, and her Veterinary Science poster on the Equine Cardiovascular System, which placed Reserve Champion at the county show. Sam’s younger brother, Charlie, qualified in his Junior Goat Showmanship class, and chose to use Rancho Manzano Moca Snickers as his Pro Show doe.

4H Pro Show 2014 046

Charlie and Snickers with their 2nd place rosette

During the show on Friday, the livestock and projects were dropped off and settled in at the grounds. Everyone got the day off school and work for the event. On Saturday morning, Charlie’s Junior Showmanship class took place. We were slightly later arriving on the grounds than we had planned, as the car decided to throw a fit and not start that morning. Thankfully we figured out the problem and were able to make the show. Once there, Charlie fitted his goat and waited at ringside for his class with Snickers. His class was not small, as it was a Provincial class for all of the different county’s top junior showmen. It was a very long and tough class, but Charlie did extremely well, as he placed 2nd in Nova Scotia for children 13 and under in goat showmanship. He was also awarded an Honourable Mention in the Champion Goat Showmanship round at the end.

Later on in the day was the Chevon class. Out of an extremely large number of does, MG got 13th place for Triple RT Farms. Sam’s Vet Science project was awarded 6th in the province. Not bad for our first Pro Show!

We’d like to thank the Nova Scotia Provincial 4-H Council for allowing the show to take place, and Ruth MacDonald for judging the goat classes.

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