All 2015 Breedings Complete!

Ellsworth at a month oldWe now have all of our planned does bred to kid in 2015! This year we will have three does scheduled to kid, as listed in the table below. This year we will not be selling any doelings, as we are still building up our herd numbers. We will, however, be selling any bucklings that are born. All goats will be registered with the Canadian Goat Society. Please contact for pricing.



DAM                                    SIRE                                           DUE DATE                RESERVED

Highlandcroft Ned Cupcake     Ran-Cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter       Feb. 18                    No
Rocky Mount Ranger Spirit      Shalebrook Rascal McTaz                Feb. 27                    No
Tip Top Cocoa Cream             Ran-Cher Acres Alchemy’s Peter       Apr. 15                   No

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